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9 September

Ceylon Blue Sapphires are the most popular type of sapphires in the world, none of the other varieties of gemstones found in Sri Lanka are as popular. Blue Sapphires are mainly mined in Sri Lanka, in fact, Sapphires account for 83% of the all 130 precious gemstones that are mined in the island. The country`s highland regions are known to have the best quality rough and new rich deposits. Sri Lanka is a major hotspot destination for large blue sapphires and star sapphires as well.

Sri Lanka has been a major supplier of fine-quality blue sapphire for many millennia. According to historical records, Sri Lanka was already renowned for sapphire in the 2nd century A.D., and by the 4th and 5th centuries, there was a thriving international commerce in Ceylon jewels

Why is Sri Lankan Sapphire World Renowned for Quality ?

Ceylon Blue Sapphire is known for their lighter, brighter and more cleaner blue color with exceptional transparency. Blue Sapphires are prized for their vibrant violetish blue tone. Cut stones are often made from rough materials that have been formed into bipyramidal crystals. The inclusion of long, slender rutile needles in Sri Lankan sapphire is notable but it can be quite challenging to spot even with the help of a microscope. Today, they are widely recognized for their expensive price tags, Sri Lankan blue sapphire earned its reputation as a result of these unprecedented gemmological characteristics. Some of the world`s largest blue sapphires and stars originate from Sri Lanka, including Blue Giant of the Orient, Logan Sapphire, and the Star of Adam and Ceylon Blue Sapphires.

Sri Lanka’s unique geological composition allows Sri Lankan gemstone miners to mine these large blue sapphire gemstones. Many Sri Lankan gemstone processors are highly focused on maintaining the original integrity of the gemstone, therefore various methods of treatment for gemstones is quite an unpopular choice amongst them.

Sapphires are a sign of love, dedication, power, monarchy, and wisdom, and are known for their stunning and enigmatic beauty. Some of the most prominent Royal connections are  The Ceylon Sapphire studded Imperial Crown of Russia worn by Queen Catherine II of Moscow, and the gifting of  sapphire brooch  by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria on the day of their wedding.