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Welcome To Sri Lanka Sapphire

    Galle Hussain & Son's I Sri Lanka Sapphire offers a wide selection of loose, natural gemstones. We source gemstones directly from mine, eliminating many middlemen. As a result, we have the most competitive and affordable prices. We source gemstones from across sri lankan mines (Pathal), paying attention to fine details and sourcing all gemstones responsibly. We offer gemstone certifications from trusted gemstone laboratories.

    We sell and supply loose, natural gemstones at wholesale and retail prices to retail jewellers and designers, resellers and gem collectors as well as the public. we have certain ethics and standards to uphold. We pride ourselves on the fact that trust, integrity, affordability and authenticity form the foundation of our company. We dedicate ourselves to all of our customers, putting their well-being and vuying experience first.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

    We clearly state all gemstone treatments and enhancements that the gemstones may have gone through. However, we guarantee that all of our gemstones are natural, genuine and ethically sourced.

    We describe gemstones to the best of our ability. For instance, we state their colour, cut, clarity, carat weight, size and origin.

    We use the most appropriate conditions to photograph the gemstones. As a result, the gemstones are shown in the best possible way. To clarify, we do not enhance the photographs in order to increase the gemstones' appeal.

    We work to build a long-term and sustainable relationship with our customers. A result, we pride ourselves on trust, affordability, quality and ethics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage behavorial change and drive reform. Establish a lean, dynamic organization capable of continuous innovation and market driven decision making. Build an easy to use, fully automated platform to ensure transparency and efficiency in procurement Demonstrate commitment to delivering value by ensuring right quality at right price Create a sustainable Gemstones for all our customers in Sri Lanka